Hybrid Moon Compilation Demo

It all began with an incurable desire to share people’s stories…
Allow us to explain:
When we were newlyweds… Just barely into our twenties and looking to establish our mark on the world, we were asked if we might be able to provide video coverage for a wedding.
You see, the bride was planning a fairly traditional wedding and her dear grandmother would not be able to attend. The video would be a gift to her grandmother… the gift of feeling present, seeing her granddaughter in her beautiful dress, exchanging vows and walking happily down the aisle. We will tell you, with all the pressure of making sure we captured everything just right, with no re-dos, it was one of the most energizing experiences of our lives. The day we delivered the video to the bride’s grandmother was one of tears, happiness and hugs. She had lived to see her only granddaughter get married. And in that moment, we fell in love with wedding film. It has the ability to help us not only share, but more importantly relive the most important moments of our lives. We’ve been fascinated by the power of film and video ever since and from then on documenting gorgeous weddings and creating stunning storytelling productions has been our work and passion.
Eric & Heather Newland – Owner/Operators/Videographer – Hybrid Moon Wedding Films of Portland, Oregon